Build Strong Knees & Hips with Water Jogging

Using our Fitmax iPools or therapy pools come with a number of advantages, especially when it comes to aquatic exercise. Our pools are designed out of special materials that allow us to minimize the amount of water needed to give people the benefits of swimming without taking up much space.

iPool_Vector_BlogImages_KneesOne of the best exercises that can be done in water is running in place. The buoyancy of the water helps reduce the stress on the knees, which account for up to 40% of running injuries. Furthermore, you get a terrific cardio workout without any of the joint stress. Water is seven times thicker than air so your heart rate rises and your muscles also get stronger.

If that’s too easy, to add more difficulty and to engage your hip flexor muscles, you can lift your knees higher towards your chest. The natural resistance of the water helps strengthen these muscles which assist with proper knee and hip alignment, improving your mobility and fluidity of motion outside of the water as well. Even better, working out in the water helps eliminate the long recovery time you would need after running in a marathon or other rigorous running activity.

You can also work out by just standing in the water. Another exercise that can be performed is swinging the leg outward while holding onto the frame of the pool or our chin up bar. This outward motion strengthens your hips and the stabilizing muscles of your body. Similar to the outward swing, you can also strengthen your muscles by swinging forward and backwards to engage different postural muscles in the hips and core as well as your knees and calf muscles..
Water running and working out in a pool can help you maintain mobility and stability of your body well into your later years.