Sarasota to Stonington Blog Feature

The mission of iPool is simple: to enhance your life through the many benefits of an aquatic therapy pool. We love knowing that our pools are truly impacting people’s lives, and appreciate hearing from customers on how we’ve done exactly that—like the Sarasota to Stonington blogger, Lucy, who dedicated a whole article to iPool’s aquatic therapy pool.

An active individual and avid traveler, Lucy normally relied on YMCAs throughout the country to stay fit and entertained. However, that all changed in 2020 with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Forced to social distance and limit outings, Lucy looked for an outlet in which she could continue to exercise and relax. She’s long been a water lover and enjoyed swimming, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on a personal therapy pool. Upon finding iPool and its many affordable therapy pool options, Lucy was ecstatic and finally purchased her long-desired home therapy pool—an iPool!

Recognizing its many benefits, Lucy praises her iPool in her blog, saying “From relieving stress, back pain, arthritis, tight muscles, sore limbs, etc. to staying/getting in shape, the iPool offers a wonderful space to promote healing, and it also helps build your strength and flexibility.”

With a heated, lap-style pool, saltwater pump, and heater for a low, affordable price, Lucy is more than satisfied with her purchase, referring to it as her “best friend.” She continues her blog by highlighting the many of the benefits and aspects she loves about the iPool, including:

  • Its travel ability, how easy it is to set up and take down, and how she enjoys it in both her sunny Sarasota, FL and snowy Stonington, ME homes.
  • Its versatility as both a heated and cooled pool.
  • Its privacy and personalization.
  • Its therapy abilities and how it helps heal her shoulder and neck.
  • The endless ways in which it’s improved her strength, mental health, and overall life!

Lucy dives deep into her experience with the iPool and how it enhances her everyday life. Visit her blog to read all about it, and how iPool can make a difference in your life, too!