Benefits of Using Water Dumbbells

Water dumbbells are the same as regular dumbbells, but they are made from foam and plastic, instead of metal. This type of weight is designed to be light out of the water and heavy in the water. It is necessary to use this type of dumbbell when working out in the water because normal weights are too heavy to lift with the water’s resistance. These are some of the key benefits to weight lifting in the pool.

Low-impact training

For people who suffer from injuries, arthritis and other physical conditions, low-impact workouts are important for maintaining physical health. This type of exercise provides the muscles with ample exercise, without straining your limbs, ligaments and joints. Low-impact workouts are also beneficial for people struggling with obesity and who require a more gentle approach to exercise to begin with.

Unlike training with weights above ground, training in the water provides support for your spine. In fact, many weight lifters suffer from spinal problems like degenerative disc disease due to poor posture during lifting. The natural buoyancy of water helps support your spinal column and reduces pressure on your spine. This is why aquatic therapy is so useful for people who suffer from spinal injuries because it can reduce disc compression in a way that above ground machines cannot. You perform exercises in the water without having to worry about hurting your neck or lower back.

In fact, training in the water can actually reduce inflammation while helping your tendons and joints regain strength. Many athletes and active adults suffer from an injury called tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is an insidious elbow pain that affects many people even if they don’t play sports. This painful injury gets in the way of many everyday activities. Tennis elbow or tendinitis, is an inflammation of the tendon in the elbow joint caused by overuse where a lot of arm and wrist movement are used. The outside of the elbow can feel sore and weak and it can difficult to grip onto objects with your forearm. Water has a natural ability to act as a compressor so instead of holding an ice pack just immersing yourself in water can reduce swelling and promote healing.

Another injury that low impact water exercise can help is Runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is a harmful injury that can also easily occur when exercising with weights above ground especially during common lower body exercises like squats and lunges. Tearing of the cartilage around the knee cap during exercise can occur especially with women since their hip joints are often farther away from their knees. Fortunately exercising in the water can not only strengthen the thigh muscles and hamstrings to prevent further injury but also provide much needed pain relief with the soothing effects of warm water.

Better results

Water adds resistance to your weights and resistance is what builds muscle. Building more muscles means you’re also burning more fat and calories. Adding a water weight lifting exercise to your normal workout routine also helps you work more of the smaller muscles that are frequently missed in normal exercises.

Water dumbbells unlike normal dumbbells offer more resistance when being pushed down, because you have to fight against the resistance of water compared to when you lift up. This helps you build more muscle tone and strength in your arm muscles, specifically the triceps, as well as your abdomen and back. Even better water dumbbells are light weight out of the water so the whole family from children to seniors can use them.

Immersing yourself in water is equivalent to surrounding your body with weights because water can be 4 to even 42 times more resistant than air. Also because water can make you up to 90% lighter by reducing the effects of gravity you notice greater range of motion and flexibility. At the same time you are getting both a cardiovascular and strength workout because your body has work to move through the water. In fact, studies show that aquatic exercise can burn as much as 500 calories an hour which is close to running while provided a full body work out that relieves stress and anxiety at the same time!

Water aerobics for pregnancy

Staying in shape while you’re pregnant is a huge struggle for many expectant mothers. Normal exercise activities are often too demanding on the body and can cause negative side effects. Exercising with water weights is great for pregnant women because it doesn’t put too much strain on the body. This type of exercise improves the physical health of you and your unborn child, and it has positive effects on your mental health.

FitMax Spabells

FitMax designed these Spabells to take advantage of the full body workout offered by water exercises. The Spabells can be adjusted to suit your personal needs and harness the power of water resistance. Each Spabell has funnels and two sets of fins that can be adjusted for different exercises. You can add another set of fins to the dumbbells for extra muscle building power.

The FitMax Spabells also come with caps for trapping air inside and sealing the funnel. This makes them buoyant for surface workouts such as running in place or scissor kicks. Another option is to trap water inside the Spabells with the caps to increase the weight. The dumbbells also connect to each other to create a barbell, making them the most versatile water weight on the market.