Benefits of Exercising in a Pool

iPool_Infographic_BenefitsOfSwimmingExercising in water is a good choice for people who want to be more active while limiting impact on their joints. Exercising in water offers a number of additional physical and mental health benefits, in addition to ease on joints. Several studies have shown exercising can improve mood and reduce stress. Not to mention that being in a pool is just simply a relaxing feeling for most people. Who wouldn’t want to be happier and more relaxed?!

If you have arthritis or nagging joint pain, swimming offers the ability to exercise on a regular basis because being in the water reduces the load strain on the joints. Exercising in an above ground lap pool is also a great way for both athletes and non-athletes to rehab injuries. You can exercise the injured area without putting any extra stress on it due to the buoyancy of your body.

Water also provides the property of resistance power! Any motions done in the water will end up working opposing muscle groups at the same time, giving your workout more production in less time. Our iPool above ground lap pool exercise systems also allows you to add variety to your workout beyond just swimming laps. Accessories such as the Aquatic Walker and the FitMax Aqua Bike allow you perform popular exercises in the water. We even have the Spa Bells set allowing you to take full advantage of water as a total body exercise medium.

Exercise is a valuable and rewarding habit. It provides many health benefits. Exercising in water is a great way to get all these benefits all while decreasing the stress on your body and increasing the fun!
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