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iPool Options

At iPool we know that you want options and we want you to have as many as possible! We also want you to get the best workout you can. Once you’ve started working out in your iPool on a regular basis, you’ll probably want to intensify your workouts so that you can get in even better shape! Well, we’ve made that easy.

We offer a number of accessories for your iPool that help you get the absolute most out of your iPool. Whether you want to walk, bike, or do some chin ups with the added benefits of being in the water, we have what you need! Our Aquatic Walker allows you to walk in the water, giving you another option for your water workout. If you’re more of a bicycle rider, give the FitMax Aqua Bike a shot. It’s like riding a stationary bike, but with the added benefits of being in the water.

Our Shoulder Press Bar is perfect for a total body workout and allows you to take full advantage of the water during your workout. Our Chin Up Bar gives you another options to work your muscles in the water. You can challenge yourself and watch yourself improve until you can get your chin above the bar or do more chin ups than you could before! Or you can opt for the SpaBells option, which also offers you a total body workout!

Every iPool accessory was designed to meet your workout needs and help you get an even better workout! We want you to get the most out of your iPool and keep improving your health. With every option we offer, you can conveniently get your workout in while still having fun in the water!

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