6 Stars Who Love to Swim Laps

We often look to celebrities for the latest crazes in diet and exercise, since staying fit is always on the top of their to do lists. So when it comes to the benefits of aquatic exercise, which stars know that swimming laps is one of the best ways to stay in shape?

  1. Nicole Kidman. She has said that swimming is her favorite way to stay in shape, and that’s the reason she and her sister spend at least half an hour in the pool almost every day.
  1. David Duchovny. The X-files star knows how to live a healthy lifestyle: he’s a pescetarian and maintains an Olympian workout regimen. He even used to swim at a park in Canada for an hour every morning.
  1. Natalie Portman. While she was filming Black Swan, she swam close to a mile every day. Like many people who may use an affordable therapy pool to relieve joint pain, Natalie used aquatic exercise to relieve the stress that ballet training put on her joints.
  1. Julia Roberts. Julia prepared for her role in the movie Duplicity by swimming laps in her pool in Malibu, in addition to underwater skiing and running while she wore a flotation belt in the deep end.
  1. Jennifer Aniston. Jen loves workouts that let her have fun and let loose, which is why she enjoys freestyle swimming three times a week for twenty to forty minutes.
  1. Keira Knightley. While she isn’t a huge fan of some of the more traditional types of workouts and would prefer to spend her time away from the gym, Keira does love jumping in the pool and going for a relaxing but invigorating swim.

Not all of us can afford to live the luxurious lifestyles of some of these celebrities, but with an above ground lap pool like the Fitmax iPool, you can still get the same kind of cardio swim workout that makes them look so great. And when you develop a routine of swimming laps in the pool and doing other aquatic workouts, it won’t be long before you start looking like a star yourself!