6 Benefits of Aquatic Therapy You Can’t Afford to Miss


Aquatic therapy has grown in popularity over the years, as more and more scientific studies are being released that support its benefits at all ages. Whether you’re young and fit and looking for another edge, or aging and looking to stave off the effects of your years, aquatic therapy has something to offer everyone. Just consider these six benefits and the potency of this activity becomes clear: an above ground lap pool for aquatic therapy is the ideal solution for easing pains, getting into or preserving your current physical shape, and relieving stress.

1) Muscle relaxation

Aquatic therapy makes it far easier for people to relax tense muscles completely, a process known to have a number of exceptional health benefits. This is especially important for people who have anxiety about upcoming surgeries, or are dealing with stressful recoveries, as the associated tension can have deleterious effects on recovery and general health. This is also beneficial as a post-workout boost, giving faster recovery and reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness.

2) Improved circulation

Another benefit unique to warm therapies is improved circulation, which can greatly enhance the body’s ability to recover from illness, injury, and other ailments, as well as speeding the recovery from mundane exertions after a workout. Whether you’re healthy or unhealthy, this benefit makes an affordable therapy pool a worthwhile investment.

3) Strength training

Water is heavier than air, so despite the advantage of buoyancy, exercise in water frequently offers greater resistance than those same movements on land. This makes aquatic therapy a great way to develop strength while avoiding the excessive strain associated with typical strength training regimens.

4) Eased recovery from injury

Building your muscles back to healthy condition without aggravating an injury can be a difficult task, but aquatic therapy makes it quite easy. The strain of simple movements is lessened with aquatic therapy, even though you can still use the water resistance for strength training. This combination of features makes for an ideal way to complete your recovery. The pain-relieving effects of submerging in water also helps to ease stiff muscles.

5) Improved balance and stability

The uniform support of water, along with the buoyancy, makes aquatic therapy an excellent way to develop your sense of balance and general core stability without having to fear falls.

6) Improved flexibility

Due to the reduced strain on your joints, aquatic therapy is considered one of the best ways to develop flexibility without risking injury, especially if you’re already prone to joint pain or recovering from an injury or surgery. Warm water takes this benefit a step further, if you have access to a heated pool for aquatic therapy.

With the benefits so many and the risks so few, therapy pools are beginning to surge in popularity. Above ground lap pools have the added benefit of being portable and easy to maintain. If you’re serious about your health and want to improve your quality of life, an affordable therapy pool from iPool is your solution!