5 Reasons Swimming Is the Best Kind of Exercise

Many people don’t have access to a pool, so they don’t consider swimming a viable form of exercise. However, there are many reasons swimming is actually one of the best ways to work out. The benefits are so extensive that it may even be worth getting an above ground lap pool for your backyard. Here are five reasons swimming workouts are the best:

1. Swimming exercises your whole body

A stroke like the front crawl or breast stroke will work your legs, arms, shoulders, glutes, and more. Swimming is the best choice for a workout if you want to work all of your muscles at once.

2. Swimming can target certain muscles

If you would rather focus on just one muscle group, instead of exercising your whole body, you can do that by swimming. With an above ground lap pool, you can change the position of your harness in order to change your workout. Perhaps you just want to kick your legs while resting your arms.

3. Swimming provides great cardiovascular benefits

Swimming fast is a fantastic cardio workout. Your heart and your lungs have to work harder to take in more oxygen and pump more blood throughout your body as your workout becomes more intense. Regular cardio workouts will make your heart healthier.

4. Swimming is easy on your joints

Unlike running, which can inflict severe damage on your knees, swimming does not hurt your joints. The water provides the resistance that you need in order to get a good workout, but your body does not have to take any hard impacts.

5. Swimming is fun

You will always get a better workout if you enjoy what you are doing. You are more likely to do the workout consistently when you look forward to the activity. And who doesn’t look forward to a nice, refreshing swim?

If you want to swim as your primary workout, but you don’t have access to a pool, you can get a small above ground lap pool for a relatively small outlay. It’s an excellent investment if you want to swim every day without leaving your home. Give us call or email to learn more!