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Don’t Waste Your Time With Ordinary Foam Water Dumbbells!

Foam water dumbbells can have the caps pop off and the foam slip away. Why waste your time and money with multiple dumbbells when you can have one set that fits all your aquatic exercise and weight loss needs?

Get A Real Workout With Fully Adjustable Water Dumbbells

The SpaBells Aquatic Exercise System is designed to take full advantage of water as a total body exercise medium. Unlike regular water dumbbells these are adjustable. Finally you can harness the power of water resistance to tone muscles, burn calories, and enable full-body water workouts whether you are recovering or a power lifter! Train and build muscle without the strain and worry of injury that comes with exercising above ground.

The Only Pair Of Water Dumbbells You Ever Need To Purchase

SpaBells are unique in that instead of waving around blocks of foam you have funnels and two sets of fins that allow you to adjust resistance as you perform curls, chest flies, or shoulder raises. Each SpaBells set includes an additional set of fins can be attached to help in building muscles and strength. The ingenious design includes caps to trap air inside the dumbbells and seal the funnel, making them buoyant and allowing users to workout on the water surface by running in place or while performing scissor kicks to tone legs. You can even use the funnel caps to trap water inside the dumbbells, creating two 8-lb. dumbbells.

Want to use a barbell? SpaBells also attach to each other to form a barbell so you can perform chest presses or front raises.

Get Stronger, Healthier With The Secret That Professional Athletes Use

Aquatic exercise is not just for the elderly or injured. More and more serious athletes are incorporating aqua aerobics and water exercise into their regime because of the low impact and strength training benefits. Imagine a dumbbell set that is so versatile it can build your limbs, back, and core giving you a better looking physique with simple movements. Tone your muscles and strengthen your body in ways you can’t duplicate in a normal gym. Get the Spabells Aquatic Exercise System and reap the benefits of a complete fitness package in one easy item!

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