5 Conditions Which Benefit from a Therapy Pool

A warm water therapy pool offers users a wealth of health benefits; arguably, it’s one of the single most potent forms of therapy available for a multitude of ailments. If you suffer from any of these conditions and can’t seem to find relief from your pain, malaise, or other symptoms, consider investing in an affordable therapy pool and reaping the benefits!

1) Arthritis

Anyone who suffers arthritis or joint pain of any sort can benefit immensely from the advantages of a warm water therapy pool. The treatment has been widely endorsed by countless foundations, experts, researchers, and other professionals dedicated to resolving the pain of those suffering from arthritis. The relief is thanks to buoyancy and risk-free exercise developing stronger joints.

2) Muscle pain

Whether you suffer muscle pain as a result of illness, injury, or simple exhaustive workouts, you will benefit from time spent in a warm water therapy pool. The heat and buoyancy combine to relieve your muscles and improves the flow of blood — which means your muscles can disperse lactic acid more quickly and heal back to peak condition much faster than without.

3) Insomnia

Difficulty sleeping can spring from countless sources, but exercise and immersion in warm water both correlate strongly with improved sleep. By spending time in a warm water therapy pool, you can greatly improve the quality and quantity of sleep you get — especially if you work your body hard in the process.

4) Tension

Chronic tension has been consistently associated with a number of health problems, and all of them can be assisted by the relaxing effects of warm water therapy. While deep tissue massages and other forms of therapy offer their own sets of benefits to the permanently tense, few treatments can compete with the simple, yet incredibly effective combination of buoyancy and heat to work out muscle tension.

5) Circulatory problems

Research shows that even mere immersion in warm water speeds up circulation while decreasing blood pressure, making it an ideal solution for relief from a multitude of circulatory problems. If you need to improve your blood flow, exercise in a warm water therapy pool is a good way to do it.

While the benefits of therapy pools are abundant, more are constantly being discovered. If you suffer from any of these, or better yet, would like to prevent these ailments from taking their toll on your body, an above ground lap pool may be the perfect solution! iPool has an extensive selection of therapy pools for you, so no matter the malady, the ideal pool awaits you!