FitMax Aqua Bike


The Fitmax Aqua Bike will change how you view your workout routine. Transform your pool into an exercise pool and get a total body workout minus all the stress and shock on your joints. Made with a high quality marine-grade SS316 stainless steel, this machine was built to withstand vigorous, continued use. Whether you have a fresh or saltwater pool, this aquatic bike provide you with years of well rounded exercise.

Aquabike Exercise Therapy Pool Bike Water CyclingFeaturing a manual resistance knob that allows you to change the resistance level without getting off the bicycle and built in wheels for easy transport the Fitmax Aqua Bike is the ultimate workout machine – one you’ll wish you’d gotten sooner!

Feel Good With An Easy, Fun, Engaging Workout!

We all know that exercise is a critically important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but not all exercises are equal. Imagine going for a refreshing ride that gives you that energy boost you need to get through the day.

Come home and exercise, without dragging yourself to the gym every day. Bike towards better health using the Fitmax Aquatic Bicycle and you will energized and refreshed instead of feeling like you have been run over with a train every time you “over do it”. Aquatic exercise is one of the best ways to rehabilitate and get a great workout all on in one. Even better, training in the water will help you enjoy all your activities out of the water even more! You shouldn’t have to pay a price for doing what you love to do. Let the time tested method of aquatic therapy turn back the clock and the Fitmax Aquatic Bicycle renew and revitalize YOU!

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Product Description

The Aquatic Bicycle by Fitmax is made of a durable, high quality SS316 marine-grade steel that is special treated through three cycles of electrolyzing and polishing to create a stronger machine made for both saltwater and freshwater use.

Product Dimensions:

39 inches x 33 inches x 8 inches

Seat and handlebars are adjustable


How an Aqua Bike is Better

Cycling is a great exercise that can help with cardio and build up muscle, however as we age or develop certain physical limitations such as arthritis, these types of exercises can be tough on our bodies. It’s been proven time and time again that swimming is a highly effective method of working out due to the water resistance and natural elimination of shock on joints. An exercise pool can be instantly improved with the addition of an Aquatic Bicycle from Fitmax.

Aquatic Bicycles vs. Stationary Bikes

Many studies have shown that exercising on aquatic bicycle provides just as much of a workout than your gym’s standard stationary bike. The benefit? You receive the same amount of cardio and physical performance without experiencing the strain on your joints, specifically the knees.